Remote EMS has the planning know-how, experience, and resources to support your event or operation anywhere in the US, no matter what size, no matter your organizational or permitting requirements. Whether you need medical support for a concert or festival, an adventure race over a rugged mountain range, set medics for a location film-shoot, or around-the-clock medical personnel for an industrial job site - count on us.

Event Medical Support

Large productions, especially concerts and citizen races, can easily strain or overwhelm local first responders and hospital emergency departments. With Remote EMS on your side, local emergency crews remain available to serve the general public instead of being mired with minor calls. We can evaluate and treat minor injuries right there at your venue, in most cases releasing those folks so they can return to enjoying your event.  If a serious injury occurs, our EMTs and paramedics are there to begin potentially lifesaving procedures in a shorter response time than local emergency responders. When they do arrive, we'll ensure a smooth transfer of care.

In the end, your event is covered, the local public is well served, and your reputation grows with city managers and permitting agencies. That's a win-win!

Industrial Medical Support

More often than not the typical response to a workplace injury is to send the employee to the nearest emergency department, where the national average cost of a visit is $1,389. A recent study by the National Institutes of Health found that 30% of all emergency department visits were for minor injuries. Driving those high costs, 81% of those non-urgent visits had some type of diagnostic testing performed.

Remote EMS is a top provider of medical support for industry of all types. We can help lower your company's worker compensation claims, lost productivity, and the high cost of emergency department visits. Evaluate your injured workers on-site, treat the minor bumps and bruises at a high standard of care, and send only those requiring a higher level of treatment to the local clinic or emergency department as appropriate. That's smart medicine.

 Need paramedics for a few days on a high risk job? We can do that. A fully staffed medical trailer for a long term project? We can do that too. Call us, let's talk. 

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