Take Your Medical Skills To The Next Level


More than just a Wilderness EMT upgrade, Wilderness EMS builds on your urban skills and experience, developing knowledge you can apply in search and rescue, disaster response, and on your own wilderness adventures. This is a nationally recognized upgrade certification for EMTs and paramedics in good current standing, and is also popular  with physicians and nurses. 

Some of the subjects we'll cover include wound management and infection control, fracture realignment, field reduction of dislocations, environmental emergencies, improvised splinting and packaging, long-term patient management, evacuation, and wilderness spinal, medication, and CPR protocols.

This course is heavy on risk management and decision-making, and specifically designed to give you the the tools to help you make critical medical and evacuation decisions in remote locations. More than half our time will be spent practicing hands-on skills, reviewing case studies, and running realistic scenarios designed to challenge you and develop your decision making abilities.




Current certification as state or national level EMT, RN, PA or MD/DO.



5 days

54 contact hours


Wilderness EMT or paramedic - valid 3 years

Completion & Grading

Successful completion of this course is based upon 100% attendance, as well as satisfactory performance on quizzes, demonstrated proficiency in psychomotor skills, and a grade of >80 on the final test. Remote EMS makes reasonable accommodations for students with special needs.

Course Materials Included

Textbook, workbook, notebook, pencils, handouts, medical supplies, CPR and scenario simulation training aids, completion certificates and cards.

No Lodging Or Meals Included

This course takes place outdoors and under primitive conditions. Students must be prepared and equipped to prepare meals, eat, sleep, camp, and stay warm and dry in appropriate seasonal weather conditions. If you are new to outdoor recreation or uncertain what that means, please review our suggested gear list and contact us if you have any questions. Except for one evening cookout, no meals are included in this course and students are individually responsible for all personal food items.

Drug & Alcohol Policy

Any student who in the opinion of the lead instructor is suspected of being intoxicated will be summarily dismissed and forfeit all costs associated with this course.

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